My name is Lyn Drummond and I am a journalist, editor, public affairs practitioner and author. I am asked often who do I write for and what do I write about.

I have written for daily newspapers, business and lifestyle magazines on a range of topics from well known personality profiles to political, business and economic stories. Click here to read more about the writing projects I have done.

I have written scripts for radio and film. I have researched and compiled complex reports for academia and written speeches for Ministers and ambassadors during my time in public affairs posts with embassies overseas which included diplomatic service.

My most recent book is Where To Go For A Seven-Year Cycle, which is based on my experiences working in the Federated States of Micronesia and countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

I have worked with many different cultures and have edited reports and PhD theses by students without English as their first language.

I can write advertising copy, help you market your products and manage your national and international events. I am also a teacher of English as a Second Language. I have  taught media skills and tutored political science undergraduates. Find out more about these projects here.

I have a Masters in International Relations degree.

What do I offer?

If you:

  • Want that technical report turned into an interesting article that is clean, concise and in correct grammatical English
  • Want to promote your innovative product but don’t know how to get the message to the right people, including influential media
  • Need that crucial report which you had translated into English thoroughly edited and proofread so your reputation is intact when it’s on your website and is not left to a search engine to do a not very competent translation
  • Want your scripts/manuscripts edited and proofread
  • Want intensive general and business English language instruction in very small groups or one on one
  • Need a teacher for your international relations and communications degree students

Then please check out this site and get in touch. You can read more about my services here. I am available as a consultant, contractor, freelancer, whatever suits you.

Best, Lyn